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Introducing PEngiBATTM


PEngiBAT is a Batch Program Development Tool specifically designed for developing of Batch COBOL programs. It incorporates features that eliminate the tedious and time consuming tasks of COBOL Programming, bringing COBOL closer to a 4TH generation language.

Program Example

PEngiBAT Features

Report Generation

PEngiBAT is the most flexible and powerful report generator available. Programs that produce Standard and Advanced (N-UP1) reports can be created in minutes.

Report Generation Facilities

Detail and Summary Reports Multiple reports in one program
Up to sixteen (16) Control Breaks Flexible Lines per each Control Break
Automatic or manual Report Titles Automatic or manual field alignment
Support for Page Foot lines Mirroring (Shadowing) of report lines
Formula handling on Line Definitions Automatic File I/O
Automatic SORT(s) EXITS support for User Interface
Multiple reports using SORT/READ Automatic SORT/EXTRACT
File Sequence checking File Header records handling

Additional Advanced (N-UP) Facilities

Page Maker Nested Reports and Matrices
N-UP Reports N-UP Statements
N-UP Labels N-UP Inserts, Audits, etc.

The Page Maker and the Nested Report facilities are, by far, the most powerful and flexible report tools ever invented. These facilities, in combination with Table Services, allow mapping of multiple mini reports and matrices on control Breaks.

PEngiBAT generates 100% of the code. The user is only responsible for instituting special handling.

1 N-UP is an acronym used to describe reports which show multiple records tabulated across a page. That is, the print lines are subdivided into N number of smaller lines.

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PEngiBAT provides for a very powerful Match/Extract. The user can easily match, merge or disassociate up to eight (8) input files. An output file can be created from the fields residing in the input file or other storage. All this is done for you by simply coding a few parameters.

Match/Extract Facilities

Seven (7) different match criteria Eight (8) input files can be matched
Match can be performed on eight (8) file keys Files can be summarized before the match
Files can be sorted before the match Summary files can be created and retained
User EXITS are available for non-standard process Files with unique and non-unique key are handled

Multiple extracts can be done in a single program. The Match/Extract can coexist with PEngiBAT Report Generator or any other facility

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Definition Oriented Formulas

PEngiBAT allows for embedding formulas in the print detail and control break lines. This approach improves program maintainability and legibility since formulas are a part of the line definitions. PEngiBAT automatically generates all necessary control break accumulators and logic needed for calculations. The benefits of this facility are enormous. A change to a formula is propagated through the entire program by PEngiBAT.

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Automated Sorts

Sorting is completely automated. The most that you will ever have to code is a simple SORT statement. PEngiBAT constructs all necessary SORT files, records and logic for you. It automatically figures out the fields that are used in formulas, printing, extracting, etc.

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Object Snap Facility

The SNAP facility displays data fields in HEX. The printed data is preceded by the appropriate field name, properly identifying it. This is an excellent debugging tool. Entire records or selective fields can be displayed.

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In Core Table Services

PEngiBAT provides comprehensive in-core table services. Tables are treated as keyed files. The Table Handling Functions are parameter driven, thus programmers are relieved of coding algorithms for table searching, updating, queuing, matching, etc.

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COBOL Flexibility

PEngiBAT functions are an integral part of the COBOL Source. Many provide exits for invoking routines written in Native COBOL. This enables the programmer to program for tasks not supported by PEngiBAT. Thus the limits of PEngiBAT are the limits of COBOL.

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