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PEngiEZTTM is a translator which converts Easytrieve Plus programs to IBM Mainframe COBOLII/S390 or PEngiBAT. Its primary objective is to provide the ability to run Easytrieve Plus programs in COBOL mode, eliminating the Easytrieve Plus cost and inefficiencies. PEngiEZT is the perfect solution when migrating to platforms which do not support Easytrieve Plus.
PEngiBATTM is a software development tool specifically designed for the development of Batch COBOL applications. PEngiBAT is not a replacement of COBOL, but, rather, it is an extension of COBOL. It incorporates features that eliminate the tedious and time consuming tasks of standard COBOL Programming. PEngiBAT is so effective that it will at least triple the productivity of your COBOL programmers.
PEngiONLTM (CICS) is a versatile software development tool specifically designed for the development of CICS applications. It incorporates many standard programs and functions that facilitate rapid development of CICS applications in a COBOLII/S390 environment. Dramatically reduce your development time and costs with PEngiONL.
PEngiCCLTM (Common Conditional Language) is a COBOL macro language that is used to develop COBOL Functions (EXECs). EXECs are embedded in the COBOL program as High Level Commands with overriding parameters. The source is run through a translator that expands code from the embedded EXECs, plus the native COBOL.

PEngiBATTM, PEngiONLTM and PEngiEZTTM subsystems are written in the PEngiCCLTM Macro Language. The user can develop his own PEngiCCL functions (EXECs) for repetitive and tedious COBOL tasks. The user can build a repository of PEngiCCL functions and combine them to represent complete Systems.

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