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Introducing PEngiCCLTM


PEngiCCL (Common Conditional Language) is a COBOL macro language that is used to develop high level COBOL Functions and EXECs.

EXECs and Functions are embedded in the COBOL program as High Level Commands with overriding parameters. The source is run through a translator that expands code from the embedded EXECs and Functions, plus the native COBOL.

PEngiBAT, PEngiONL and PEngiEZT subsystems featured in this brochure are written in the PEngiCCL Macro Language. The user can develop its own PEngiCCL functions and EXECs for repetitive and tedious COBOL tasks. The user can build a repository of PEngiCCL macros and combine them to represent complete Systems.

PEngiCCL Capabilities

Command modeling Symbolic Variable substitution
Strings parsing and concatenation Logical Expression evaluation
Arithmetic Expression evaluation Directives for manipulating Data Strings
COBOL Statements evaluation Directives for altering direction of processing
Generating Sections concept Support for Nested Macros
Support for COPY directive Support for error handling
Support for multiple punch files Support for User written Exits
COBOL, BAL and Text mode Global and Local Scope Processing, Etc.

Benefits of PEngiCCL

The code expanded by function and EXEC definitions is written and tested once. Thereafter it can be used by all programmers over and over without reconstructing and testing the logic again.

Functions can be written for more difficult tasks by expert programmers, increasing the productivity of those who are less skilled.

The program maintenance is minimal because the code expanded by a functions and EXECs has to be changed only in one place.

The coding standards can be enforced by defining functions for the most frequent tasks and then combining them into complete Objects or complete Systems.

Functions and EXECs describe complete tasks, providing a comprehensive document of your programs.

PEngiONL, PEngiBAT and PEngiEZT were developed with PEngiCCL Macro Language.


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