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PEngiEZT Technical InformationTM

PEngiEZT converts Easytrieve Plus programs to IBM Mainframe COBOLII or S/390 COBOL compatible code, or PEngiBAT. Its primary objective is to provide the ability to run Easytrieve Plus programs in COBOL mode, eliminating the Easytrieve Plus cost and inefficiencies.

PEngiEZT gives you a choice

You can continue developing programs using the Easytrieve format. The only thing that changes is JCL. That is, you use PEngiEZT translator and COBOL compiler in place of Easytrieve. The program source can be maintained in Easytrieve format.

You can convert the Easytrieve programs to PEngiBAT or COBOL for good.

You can convert existing and newly developed programs. Thereafter you would maintain COBOL code or enjoy the power of PEngiBAT.

If you do not own Easytrieve you can use PEngiEZT and enjoy the benefits without ever purchasing Easytrieve.

What is Supported

PEngiEZT converts standard Easytrieve Plus batch programs. It supports VSAM, QSAM, SAM, DB2 (Native and Easytrieve Mode), Tape Files and Unit Record Devices. It also supports the Easytrieve Macro Language and COPY directive. In most instances there will be no changes required to your existing Easytrieve programs.

IDMS and IMS (DL1) are not Supported at this time.

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