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Introducing PEngiONLTM


PEngiONL (CICS) is a versatile Program Engineering Tool specifically designed for CICS programmers. It incorporates many standard programs and functions that facilitate rapid development of CICS applications in COBOLII/S390 environment.

Program Examples

Generating Techniques

Programs are developed with your Standard Text Editor with the help of ISPF Panels.

CICS MAPS are defined in the program source via simplified CICS BMS parameters.

Files, Tables and Working Storage areas in the program are defined as COBOL Objects.

Procedure Functions are integrated with standard COBOL/CICS Command Level Statements.

The PEngiONL translator generates a full functional program from the Procedure Functions and the Defined Objects.

The generated program is well structured, free of errors, consistent and well documented.

PEngiONL Highlights

Program Examples

Screen Generation

CICS maps are defined in the program using simplified standard CICS BMS parameters.

A standard map format can be superimposed on defined maps for standardization, i.e., top row(s), message row, PF keys usage, etc.

The PEngiONL translator automatically creates physical and symbolic maps from the map definitions in your program.

Physical maps are punched out in the standard BMS format and ultimately assembled as per CICS BMS standards.

Symbolic maps are expanded in the program using full COBOL field names.

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Screen Management

PEngiONL completely manages Screen I/O activities as follows:

All field validation rules are automatically applied and messages are issued for detected errors.

All insert characters are validated and removed from the received data fields as per field image.

All modified fields are offloaded into working storage or file records and made available for use.

The output screen is automatically built from the working storage and record fields.

Field attributes are automatically set and reset whenever applicable.

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File I/O Management

PEngiONL completely manages File I/O of VSAM and Temporary Queue files.

Browsing and Updating functions with integrity check are supported.

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Error Management

PEngiONL handles CICS and Processing Errors automatically.

It features a Global and a Local Error Handler.

The Global Error Handler is common to all programs generated by PEngiONL.

The Local Error Handler overrides errors defined in the Global Error Table and allows the defining of additional errors that might be required by the program.

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Automated Help Facility

PEngiONL features a VSAM based Help File with Software for invoking HELP.

The Help File is organized by Application, Subject and Element.

CICS Applications or Individual Programs can be developed with the built in HELP.

PEngiONL optionally generates all program logic that interfaces with the HELP facility.

The expanded logic saves the user screen before invoking HELP and restores it upon exiting the HELP facility.

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Data Validation/Imaging

PEngiONL features Selector and Constructor functions that can be associated with each defined object (i.e., Map, File, Record, Field, etc.).

i.e., validation rules and/or any special functions for special handling can be associated with the map fields in the map definition.

i.e., Field Mask/Image can be associated with each field, including insert characters. PEngiONL automatically extracts usable characters out of input data. i.e., insert characters such as comma, period, slash, etc., are automatically removed by PEngiONL's generated logic. I.e., Constructor functions can be assigned to data fields that require special calculations, etc.

I/O and Screen Handling Exits

PEngiONL allows the programmer to perform custom routines for File and Screen I/O.

Exits are provided at various points for complete flexibility. Thus, any special handling can be implemented as if the program was written by hand.

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Functions for CICS Services

PEngiONL provides standard simplified functions for various CICS Commands.

Functions operate at object level (i.e., Map or File) often performing complex tasks that would otherwise have to be programmed by the programmer.

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Concurrent Events (Screens)

PEngiONL supports concurrent events. The user can open up and work with multiple screens concurrently. The automated Event Menu allows for event switching and toggling between screens.

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POP-UP and Pull Down Screens

PEngiONL supports POP-UP and Pull Down screens with cursor detect capability. The method allows development of applications that closely resemble GUI applications on Personal Computers.

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Standard Programs

PEngiONL provides functions for generating complete functional programs that access and manipulate data files directly, or via the Temporary Storage Queue as follows:

Browsing using Standard Screens Updating with Standard Screens in Confirm Mode
Browsing using Scroll Screens Updating in place with Scroll Screens
Browsing using Scroll/Selection Method Updating using Scroll/Selection Method
Standard method for Menu Programs Updating with Standard Screens by Function, no Confirm
Updating with Standard Screens, no Confirm Updating with Standard Screens by Function, with Confirm

One or more Functions can coexist in a single program. A combination of these standard programs can be used to put together entire comprehensive systems.

All programs can be invoked via the LINK or XCTL CICS Commands, or entered directly from CICS.

Unlike hand written programs, PEngiONL Programs are generated without compromising on functionality.

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Pure COBOL II Source

PEngiONL generates Pure COBOLII/S390 Source, taking advantage of the In line Performs and the Scope Terminators. As a result, the generated programs are super structured and easy to follow.

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Please refer to the Program Examples

You will agree that both programs can be created and tested in a few hours !

There is no tool on the market that compares!

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