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PEngiEZT Blueprint Method Pricing

The pricing given below applies to PEngiUsers who use the Blueprint Method for conversions.

Standard Pricing Method

Our web interface calculates the cost from the program statistics which are embedded in the blueprint string. The minimum cost per program is set to $150.00 (US). The cost to you is the higher of the cost caculated and the minimum cost. The cost for converting an average Easytrieve program ranges between $200 and $500 US Dollars.

The following items are considered in the cost calculation:

  • Number of Files
  • Number of Tables
  • Number of Summary Files
  • Number of Jobs
  • Number of Sorts
  • Number of Jobs with Syncronized Process
  • Number of Reports
  • Number of Report Fields
  • Number of Report Control Breaks
  • Number of Procs
  • Number of Calls
  • Number of Macros
  • Number of File I/O's
  • Number of Processing Statements

Volume Discount

Users with high volume can negotiate the price with Foundation Software. A fixed price or a variable price per program can be negotiated. The volume discount is available to everybody, including consulting firms.

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