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About The PEngiUser Membership for OS/390/MVS Users

The PEngiUser Membership was designed to enable our customers to convert Easytrieve Plus programs to COBOL quickly, accurately and at an affordable price. Cost savings equally applies to all businesses or individuals.

Conversions are performed with PEngiEZT, a sophisticated translator developed at Foundation Software, Inc. PEngiUsers download PEngiEZT at no cost.

With the download version of PEngiEZT, PEngiUsers can convert production Easytrieve Plus programs using:

1. Blueprint Conversion Method (purchase of license is NOT required)
2. Perpetual Licensed Method (purchase of license is required)

The demo programs supplied with the download can be experimented with at any time.

Blueprint Conversion Method

With this method you convert individual programs at a discounted rate. If you convert one program, you pay for only one program. There is no need to purchase a license. Pricing depends on the complexity of the Easytrieve Plus program being converted. Payments can be made by credit card, or you can arrange a special agreement with Foundation Software, Inc. for monthly billing.

If you want to evaluate the translator by converting one or more of you own programs, you may do so by using the Blueprint Method. You would be charged for the converted programs only.

The following steps describe the implementation and application of the Blueprint Method:

To implement the Blueprint method:

I.Create a PEngiUser Account.
II.Download and install the free version of PEngiEZT.
 To do so, you need to login to your account and select download on the control panel. Follow the included instructions for installation.

To apply the blueprint method:

1.Run PEngiEZT on your program.
 By default, the downloaded version of PEngiEZT will generate a blueprint string on a clean run. If you don't get a clean run on the first try, don't be discouraged. Keep hacking away! Usually, only minor modifications are required to get a clean run.
2.Login to your account and select PEngiEZT Conversion on the control panel.
 Enter the blueprint in the appropriate field and select the payment method (monthly billing or credit card). After submitting, the program name and conversion cost will appear. In addition, a short standard agreement will be displayed.
3.Accept the displayed agreement (fill in your credit card information if required).
Monthly Billing Customers
 The transaction is recorded, and you will be given a password for that specific program on the next screen.
Credit Card Customers
 The cost of the conversion will appear again on the credit card form. After submitting your credit information, you will be given a password for that specific program. If you choose to back out at any time before submitting your credit card information, the transaction will be canceled and you will not receive a password.
4.Obtain the COBOL source.
 The password must be placed at the beginning of your Easytrieve Plus program. PEngiEZT must be run again to obtain COBOL. This password will always work for this program, unless the program undergoes serious modifications. Purchased passwords can always be viewed through your PEngiUser Account!
5.Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for other programs.

Perpetual Licensed Method

You may obtain a perpetual license from Foundation Software, Inc. for internal use only. You may not use the software to provide conversion services to other parties with this method. With the perpetual license, you are given a password which works on your system locally for all programs. There is no need to use the web interface.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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