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Introducing PEngiEZT
Easytrieve Plus to COBOL As a Reports Generator PEngiUser Membership

PEngiEZT converts Easytrieve Plus programs to COBOL quickly, accurately and consistently. For most jobs it acts as a black box, dramatically decreasing conversion costs and the conversion life cycle.

PEngiEZT produces well structured COBOL programs with superb style programming. All your generated COBOL will have consistent documentation, naming conventions, and programming techniques. Future maintenance will be consistent for all programs.

PEngiEZT is indifferent to program complexity and size. This makes it superior to manual conversions for all program types.

Post conversion, PEngiEZT gives you the capability to maintain converted programs and develop new programs using Easytrieve Plus syntax. The Easytrieve Plus license is not needed.

You will continue to benefit from the high level, reports generating facilities of Easytrieve Plus. The difference is PEngiEZT always creates COBOL, you run with compiled COBOL, and all of the powerful COBOL debugging tools are at your disposal.

With PEngiEZT, you remain portable. You can always retain the generated COBOL if you ever decide to migrate to other platforms.

With a PEngiUser Membership, you can benefit from PEngiEZT without ever purchasing a license. Membership provides to you a FREE download and a way of performing individual program conversions at a discounted rate.

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